• An Election Reflection

    An Election Reflection

    Author Andrew Korevaar

    In the wake of a sweeping Liberal win, pro-lifers across Canada feel betrayed by the Canadian populace. A prime-minister that shamelessly denounces the humanity of the preborn and further prevents his MP’s from voting life now leads our nation. Feeling like a liar, I will sing the anthem this morning with my students, “The True North strong and free.” Clearly, the Liberal stance is anti-freedom, anti-choice, and anti-God. But yet, I read in 1 Peter 2:17, “Honour the king.” How can I really honour Justin Trudeau and his government with all of his self-destructive policies?

  • The Reformed in today's society

    The Reformed in today's society

    Author Jonathon Van Maren

    It should be obvious to any observer that the world we live in is becoming increasingly hostile to Christians. Many Christian views are now considered to be hate speech. Christian tax dollars are taken to dismember pre-born children in government-funded clinics. Christian schools, especially in Alberta in the wake of Bill 10, are now under threat of being forced to teach their children ideological beliefs that directly contradict biblical teachings on sexuality. The schools haven’t been forced to change their teaching yet—although the Catholic school system in Ontario has already knuckled under—but be assured that the day is coming where the government will try. Secular activists are not satisfied with having thoroughly infiltrated and rebuilt the public system. They want Christian schools, too.

    In the last decade, we’ve seen a moral revolution at warp speed. The culture has shifted so radically left on virtually every social issue that we’ve been left gasping—if we’ve even noticed.

  • Intertwined


    Author Sharlene Nystrom

    A personal poem written by someone that has been adopted herself and speaks to the love and beauty of adoption for others. "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me." (Matt 25:40)

    Reality, too hard to embrace, stares her cruelly in the face.
    The room seems to spin, so many decisions, unsure where to begin.

    First love, stolen kisses, innocent fun, fast forwarded feels like life is coming undone.
    Amid a whirlwind of emotion, she clings to the security of his devotion.

    He holds her close and guides the way. The fragile new life begun is here to stay.
    Uncertainty doesn’t end here, past the point of going back, panic is near.

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Porn goes to Church

Written by Jonathon Van Maren on Tuesday, 07 January 2014.

Porn goes to Church

Pornography is not just a 'cultural' problem. Pornography is also our problem. I think it's necessary to ensure that everyone understands that this problem does, in fact, impact our community. There is a tendency to view these types of problems as problems of the outside world that we have to prevent from seeping in, as opposed to problems that we need to face and root out in our own church community. I'd like to very briefly go over three important facts about pornography:

1. Pornography is a problem in our churches
2. Pornography is a huge problem in North America
3. Pornography addiction is incredibly dangerous in its mental impact.

The Tyranny of Nice

Written by Jonathon Van Maren on Wednesday, 20 March 2013.

The Tyranny of Nice

Let me paint you a picture.

You leave your house in the morning for work, or church, or school. As you step outside your house, you notice that's something's different. There are tiny splashes of crimson on the sidewalk in front of your house. As you walk closer, you realize with a sickening feeling that those tiny scarlet splashes merely outline the final resting places of tiny corpses, so tiny you have to lean over and squint at them—and when you do, you see tiny, perfectly formed arms, legs, and worst of all—faces. Faces that you do not want to see. Perfectly formed human beings, grotesquely mangled, savagely violated, and finally, callously abandoned.

And there are hundreds of them, stretching up the street. In order to go about your day's activities, you must first step over 266 tiny bodies.

What should be our Stance on In Vitro Fertilization?

Written by Rev. Cornelius Sonnevelt on Thursday, 13 December 2012.

What should be our Stance on In Vitro Fertilization?

In 2010 the Synod of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations in North America approved a report on In Vitro Fertilization, which was a 75-page, scientific and Biblical analysis of this so-called reproductive technology. The Reformed Pro-Lifer has asked one of the co-authors of this report to summarize the document. While much more could be said about this topic, please keep in mind the following is a summary of the original report. We are grateful for Rev. Sonnevelt's willingness to provide this to us, and for the opportunity to make it available to our readers.

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