An Election Reflection

In the wake of a sweeping Liberal win, pro-lifers across Canada feel betrayed by the Canadian populace. A prime-minister that shamelessly denounces the humanity of the preborn and further prevents his MP’s from voting life now leads our nation. Feeling like a liar, I will sing the anthem this morning with my students, “The True North strong and free.” Clearly, the Liberal stance is anti-freedom, anti-choice, and anti-God. But yet, I read in 1 Peter 2:17, “Honour the king.” How can I really honour Justin Trudeau and his government with all of his self-destructive policies?

Honour can mean so much more than paying allegiance to authority. Let me ask you to pray for our new government. They are in darkness and they need our prayers that God would direct them to His Word. Commending our leaders into God’s hand is honouring them, for only in this Word is there freedom. Let me ask you to continue to show the truth of abortion and the bloody waste of human life to our leaders. Throwing the light of truth on the darkest corners of injustice with uncompromising love and compassion to the perpetrators of that injustice is honouring those perpetrators – for in the words of the old cliché, “Truth will set you (and them) free.” They are prisoners to a cleverly planned assault on humanity and this we must show them. Let me ask you not to falter in this fight, for the silent screams of the children will only grow louder and the chains of inhumanity will only grow tighter. Honouring Trudeau means showing him those screams about him and those chains around so that he can no longer deny the truth and reality of them. Let us fight, not only for the children whose lives end between the merciless shears of the abortionist knife, but also because our leaders have blood on their hands and shackles on their hearts. We have the cloth necessary to wipe it off and the keys to unloose their bands. This is honouring the king, for though we cannot take away the stain that pollutes their hands or the scars of oppression, we can dry up the fountain of blood and loosen them from these manacles.

This election is a blow for the pro-life movement, but it is not the end. William Wilberforce nearly passed the abolition of the slave trade in 1796, losing by only four votes – and that because several of his supporters found more interest in a play than voting for abolition. It would be another decade before success crowned the work of Wilberforce. But success came at last – because the truth will trump the lie. Courage then, though the lie seemingly triumphs, truth shall grow if we continue to nourish it. Let us move to the fourth stanza of our anthem and sing with hope, “As waiting for the better day, we ever stand on guard.” Stand on guard for the children! Stand on guard for freedom! Stand on guard for truth! Stand on guard against the lie, against death, against oppression, against selfish patriotism, against discouragement! Honour the king with prayer, love, compassion, and uncompromising truth!

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